Useful Land Survey Information That Helps When Buying a Property

Posted on: 29 June 2023


You might be aware that a land survey provides information about the boundaries of a property. However, it offers many other kinds of information that are useful when buying a property. Consider the following details included in a land survey.

Property Boundary

Knowing the exact boundaries of any property you plan on buying is crucial to understanding precisely what you're getting. As well as mapping this information, the survey will outline any easements or right-of-ways associated with a property. A right of way allows others to cross over the land, possibly to reach a property at the back. An easement gives someone the right to access the property for a specific reason, like maintaining utilities such as an electrical pole. These rights are tied to the property; you must accept and comply with them if you buy the land.


A land survey also maps a property's various features, such as buildings and retaining walls, specifying their precise distance from each other and the property edge. The survey will also reveal natural elements like large trees or a creek. The measurements related to these features are vital if you plan to renovate after buying the property, as regulations will often specify how close you can build to the border. Thus, the survey will show how much extra space you have. It will additionally outline restrictions that may be in force regarding the height of buildings that you must comply with.


The survey will also map the property's topography, including its slopes and hills. These details are essential for architects, engineers, and builders to plan any renovation. They will need to know the lay of the land before they can design and arrange an extension that will be stable on that plot as well as aesthetically pleasing. The land surveyors might also enlist a soil expert to give a report, providing details to help the engineers determine what foundations will be appropriate.

Flood Zones

A crucial piece of information you should be aware of when buying a property is whether it sits on a flood plain. The survey will detail if this is the case, allowing you to decide whether you want to go ahead. If you plan to purchase land in a flood plain, you can build an extension to handle potential future floods the best. That way, you will be prepared if a rainfall event happens in the years to come.

For more information, contact a land surveyor near you.