What Are the Benefits of Timber Cladding?

Posted on: 13 January 2023


Construction firms will often deal with many different types of cladding for both residential and commercial builds. In Australia, metal, render, uPVC weatherboarding and vinyl cladding are all popular choices. Finding a construction contractor that is well-versed in timber cladding can be very beneficial. However, long-lasting timber is more expensive to supply than many of the other choices available today. If you are appointing a firm to build your architectural plans, then why would you want one that has experience in timber cladding? Read on to find out.

Specialist Installation

To begin with, timber requires a degree of experience if it is to be installed in an attractive way. Typically, outer layers of timber are screwed into place with a timber substructure. Most building firms will be able to construct the required cladding for you by cutting the wood to the desired length on-site. However, if there are any curves or rounded sections of your building that need to be clad, then more specialist skills will be needed. That said, the principal benefit you obtain by turning to experts is a superior finish. When you are spending a little more to get the look you want, the last thing you need is rough edges or inaccurate spacing to spoil the appearance.

Improved Insulation

A clear advantage of timber on the outside of a building is that it will help to trap heat inside during the winter months. The principal function of any cladding system is to protect the wall beneath from the weather outside, whether it is beating sunlight or lashing rain. Nevertheless, a secondary benefit is to keep you warm inside. By fitting timber to the outside of your property, you will be cosier on the inside. In turn, this will mean needing to turn your central heating on less often, something that will help to save money in the longer term.

Noise Suppression

The noise-suppressing properties of timber cladding often speak for themselves. If you have ever been in a building protected by natural timbers, the quietness you will sense is often quite marked. Therefore, fitting this sort of system to your home or office building is a smart move if you are close to something that makes a lot of noise, such as a factory or a railway station, for example. Remember, too, that this sort of outer layer on a building will help to keep noises generated inside from annoying neighbours.

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