Why You Can't Leave A Malfunctioning Commercial Fridge For Long

Posted on: 24 October 2022


Commercial fridges make up the backbone of many Australian companies, especially in summer, when soaring temperatures threaten to spoil everything from fresh goods to fragile chemicals that need to be kept below a certain point on the thermometer. If your refrigerator is not working as intended, even for a short period of time, it can cause havoc that you do not even recognize until much later on. Here are a few reasons why you simply cannot allow a malfunctioning commercial fridge to go unrepaired for longer than a few days, and only if there is no refrigeration repair contractor available sooner than then. 

Contamination Of Products

While you might think that it is okay to leave your products in the commercial refrigerator when you know there is a leak or it is busted somewhere, you really should think again. Coolant can leak out and touch the goods that you are keeping refrigerated, and that can completely ruin them. Even worse, if that coolant goes undetected, you could give that product to a customer or client, which is a terrible thought and one that must be avoided at all costs with a refrigeration repair contractor. They will let you know if any coolant leaked and where.

Domino Effect On Faulty Components

If you hear some rattling around in your fridge, but the cooling system still works to a certain degree, you will most likely be tempted to just leave it as it is until you have a bit more breathing room to address it. The issue here is that you are walking a fine line, and if the currently loose or faulty component completely fails, it can start affecting other, neighbouring components and so on and so forth. This domino effect can turn problems that cost a couple of hundred bucks to fix into issues that require a lot of downtime and much higher repair costs.

 Don't Leave It To The Last Minute

One of the main reasons why it is important to begin the process of fridge repairs right when you notice something is wrong is due to scheduling and the actual logistics of getting your refrigerator fixed. For example, if a restaurant is in the middle of service, it cannot simply stop dead in its tracks. It has to finish, and then have the repair contractor swing by after this hustle and bustle is done. This means you need to arrange for a repair contractor to stay later, which they can't do if they have already gone home as no one called them earlier. Organising a repair contractor immediately means that you can find out where your two schedules free up at the first available spot in the future, and none of the above problems has time to occur. 

For more information, contact a refrigeration repair service near you.