Is Your Commercial Fridge Due for Repairs? 4 Signs to Watch Out For

Posted on: 7 April 2022


Commercial refrigerators are designed to last. However, this largely depends on proper maintenance routines. One practical way to keep your commercial refrigerator functional and efficient for years is to recognise the signs of a fault early enough and plan the required repairs immediately. Besides ensuring the equipment continues running smoothly, this can save you from costlier repairs. You also won't have to deal with losses from spoilt items. Fortunately, the indicators of a faulty commercial refrigerator will always be apparent. Here are some of the signs to watch out for.

Unusual Sounds

Your commercial refrigerator won't be silent when running. However, unusually loud noises when the appliance is operating are the first sign of a faulty unit. The sounds may vary depending on what the problem is. For instance, rattling and grinding noises are typical indicators of loose components like fan blades. On the other hand, a loud humming sound could stem from a problematic compressor. Ignoring new sounds could mean more serious damage down the line, so call a technician as soon as you notice any strange sounds from your commercial refrigerator.

Frost/Ice Build-Up

Ice or frost build-up is another tell-tale sign of a commercial refrigerator needing repair. Therefore, it may be time to contact a professional when you notice ice on the interior back wall, refrigerator door, or evaporator coils. Ice build-up generally indicates temperature inconsistencies. Your refrigerator could be failing to maintain proper temperature from being overloaded, a faulty thermostat, inadequate airflow, etc. Therefore, start by rearranging your refrigerator, keeping food from blocking the fan, and allowing air to circulate correctly. You can then call a technician if this doesn't work.

Warm Spots

Warm spots in your commercial refrigeration systems are other problems resulting from temperature imbalances. If some spots, like shelves, feel continuously warmer than others, it may be time to call in a technician. Warm spots typically stem from temperature inconsistencies caused by faulty controls, refrigerant leaks, dusty coils, etc. It is worth noting that ignoring these warm spots can result in food spoilage because proper preservation depends on consistent temperatures.

Water Puddles

Water puddles are other signs to watch out for, and they can be dangerous because they pose slip and fall hazards. Therefore, it's critical to have the refrigerator checked quickly. Generally, commercial refrigeration systems have a defrost function that melts ice. The resultant water then flows into a drain pan and out through a drain hose. Therefore, water pools will typically result from a clogged drain hose that causes the drain pan to overflow. Look into commercial refrigeration repair near you.