5 Advantages of Driveway Spray Sealing

Posted on: 1 February 2022


Driveway spray sealing is the process of treating the surface of your driveway to protect it from the weather and the effects of wear and tear. Contractors use a process known as bitumen spray sealing to improve both the appearance and functionality of an asphalt driveway. Here are a few advantages of driveway spray sealing.

1. Improve Appearance

Bitumen spray sealing applies a fresh layer of bitumen over your driveway, covering up any imperfections and restoring the asphalt to a consistent dark colour. If your driveway is badly pitted or stained, then driveway spray sealing could get rid of those flaws and make it look as good as new once again.

2. Protect Against Moisture

Absorbing excessive amounts of water can cause asphalt to develop potholes and cracks. Bitumen spray sealing applies a protective coat over the asphalt to reduce the amount of moisture that can permeate into your driveway. The protection can last for many years before it needs to be repeated.

3. Repair Damage

If your driveway has huge potholes or big cracks, then it is possible to have the driveway replaced. However, small amounts of damage can be effectively repaired through driveway spray sealing. This process fills in small cracks and areas of pitting, which not only makes your driveway look better, it also prevents the damage from getting worse. Once the asphalt has a crack, it is easy for water to get into that crack, freeze and expand, therefore making the crack larger over time. By arranging bitumen spray sealing for your driveway now, you can prevent it from becoming more damaged in the future.

4. Protect Against UV Radiation

Rain and ice are not the only kinds of weather that can damage an asphalt driveway. UV radiation from the sun can gradually dry out the paving material, causing the bitumen that is binding it together to crack and crumble. Applying a fresh layer of bitumen over the driveway provides additional protection against UV radiation.

5. Improve Grip

As asphalt begins to age, you might notice that it no longer provides a good grip under your car's tyres. In wet or icy weather, there is a risk that your vehicle could skid, which could result in a collision that causes damage to the car or even an injury. Driveway spray sealing can restore the texture of the asphalt, providing you with a safe surface beneath your wheels.

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