Are you considering a property development?

Posted on: 8 September 2021


When you own land, you probably want to use it for something. Empty land does nothing to bring in an income and can incur costs for maintenance issues. Sometimes, you will want to keep the land for farming purposes, but there will be other times that you will be interested in creating a property development, and that is where things can sometimes get complicated. If you are considering property development, it's best to start by having the land surveyed to be sure about the boundaries of the land and the shape of your property.

Why start with a survey?

You may be clear about what you want to build, but are you sure the land can support it? Is the parcel of land the right size and shape for your property development? Are there any issues with the elevation of the site? Maybe, there are preexisting features on the site that can't be moved and must be included within your designs. All of these issues can be addressed through a survey. If your property development includes an element of subdivision, a survey can provide valuable data about the most efficient way to divide the property. Having as much information as possible at the start of the planning stage avoids many possible complications and prevents expensive mistakes that could compromise the project.

Could you consider a property development company?

If you have land you aren't using, you might want to realize the value of the land by selling it, but a property development could be much more lucrative. What deters some people from starting a property development is their lack of skills in that area. However, it is often possible to work with an experienced team who can guide the property development process, carrying out most of the hard work for you. By allowing someone to manage the project on your behalf, you can avoid many of the challenging aspects of property development, such as obtaining permits, ensuring that the plans are safe and legal and that all the necessary work is completed on time and within the agreed budget.

Whether you oversee the property development yourself or bring in an outside company, you must work closely with a surveyor at several project stages. There will be the initial boundary survey and the survey to identify any features on the property. It will be the surveyor who helps you prepare for any subdivision of the land, and it is the surveyor that ensures all building work is completed in the agreed location.

Contact a local contractor or land surveyor to learn more about property development.