Why Should You Polish Your Concrete Floors?

Posted on: 23 July 2021


Just as hardwood floors can be sanded down and polished to make them last longer and look shiny again, concrete floors too can be ground down and polished for functional and aesthetic purposes.

If you have old concrete floors that you're considering updating, here are a few amazing reasons to go through with concrete polishing


If you're looking to maximise the lifespan of your concrete flooring, concrete polishing is the way to go.

Polished concrete is incredibly strong and hard-wearing and can hold up well, even in high-trafficked areas. This helps delay the need for complete removal and replacement of your existing floors.

Low maintenance

All floor types require some sort of upkeep to remain in tiptop shape and to keep looking their best. However, some floors require more care than others. If you don't want to spend too much time looking after your concrete floors, polished concrete is an excellent choice. 

When installed and sealed correctly, this type of concrete holds up well against stains, scratches and other forms of surface damage. All you have to do to keep your concrete floors intact is to clean them regularly and properly.


When compared to other methods of installing new floors, concrete polishing is relatively inexpensive. It requires far less material and labour to create beautiful, fully functional floors. What's more, polished concrete will require minimal maintenance and repair to remain intact and keep looking pristine. This translates to lower lifecycle costs.


Like it or not, the type of floors you have impacts the interior design of your building. If you want to add visual appeal to your rooms, you can accomplish that by polishing your concrete floors. Polished concrete gives a shiny appearance that looks nice in virtually any room.

Plus, there are many concrete colour additives you can use to create a decorative effect on your floors.

Non-slippery surface

Polished concrete's shiny appearance often gives people the impression that it's slippery in nature. Far from it, polished concrete is quite safe to walk on when properly specified for your flooring project. The addition of non-skid chemicals to the flooring materials can further increase the slip resistance of your floors while reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Concrete polishing is a job that requires expert handling to do properly. If you need help polishing your concrete floors, feel free to get in touch with a local concrete contractor.