The Important Roles of Building Surveying Consultants in the Delivery of Your Project

Posted on: 14 June 2021


Need building consultancy services for an upcoming project?

Building consultant firms are the professionals you'll need to hire to carry out tasks on the project. These firms typically operate as a team of specialist consultants that may include building surveyors, architects, structural engineers, interior designers and fire engineers who work together to ensure new buildings comply with the applicable building regulations, from the design stage to completion. Each of these consultants provides expert advice that is crucial to the successful completion of the project.

A building surveyor is one of those building consultants whose input may be required before, during and upon completion of the construction process. Continue reading to find out the important roles they may play in the delivery of your project. 


Before you can commence construction on your project, you'll need to obtain planning approval. If your building plans are found not to be fully compliant with the building regulations in your specific area, you may not be issued with a building or construction permit.

Since they're familiar with the building regulations applicable to the areas they serve, building surveyors can help their clients to review proposed building plans in order to determine if they'll be approved for compliance with the set standards of construction. 

During construction

From laying the foundation to completing the framing system of the building and installing the roof, to installing electrical and plumbing services, completing the interior and installing HVAC systems, building surveyors can inspect the actual construction process from start to finish to ensure that everything has been done up to code and standard.

The continuing inspection of work during the construction process helps to address any quality issues early on, thus avoiding costly building repairs.


Upon total completion of the project, a building surveyor will perform one final inspection of the entire building to ensure there are no compliance issues that were missed during the initial inspections. If everything looks good, they may issue a certificate of final inspection, which can be used to obtain occupancy permits.

Building surveyors understand the regulatory framework that exists for ensuring that new buildings are designed and constructed in a way that matches the intended use while ensuring the health and safety of building users. Plus, they work in unison with other specialist consultants to achieve their clients' desired project results. If you're in need of professional building surveying services or other specialist consultancy services for your project, don't hesitate to contact a building consultancy firm based in your specific area or state.