Is it time to call in a mining engineering company?

Posted on: 30 April 2021


If you own a mining operation, you probably already understand the advantages of working with a mining engineering company. Mining engineering can cover everything from geological characteristics, to civil and electrical engineering. If you are starting to consider opening a new mine, speaking to a mining engineering company can also have many benefits.

Here are three instances during the life-cycle of your mine where a mining engineer could help point you in the right direction and ensure that your company makes the right operational choices.  

Are you planning to open a new mine?

If you have a new site that you think has the potential to become a mine, a mining engineering specialist is one of the first people that you should call. Mining engineering companies will conduct detailed surveys and examine the ground to identify whether any mineral deposits are present, and how extensive those deposits are. There is always an element of risk when establishing a mine or a quarry. A mining engineering company can remove some of the guesswork and show you where there are mineral deposits.

Are you expanding your mining operations?

Mining is rarely static. When you first establish the mine, you will, no doubt, design a set-up that places all of your mining equipment in the most practical locations and has all of the infrastructure set up to service your requirements. However, over time the area where you are working could become exhausted, or you could decide to increase the size of your operations and start mining elsewhere. When it is time to make changes, a mining engineering firm will be able to guide you. They will know how you can safely reach the mineral deposits. They can explain how their technical expertise can support your mining efforts.  

Is a part of your mine finished?

Eventually, every mine will close. There always comes a point when part or perhaps all of a mine must be closed down because there are no more mineral deposits to be found. You might not think that any more mining engineering will be needed, but it is a mining engineering company that can guide your remediation efforts. Once an area is no longer mined, you have a responsibility to clean up the mess your work has left behind. The landscape must be restored as closely as possible to its pre-mining condition. A mining engineering company will be able to take on the engineering challenges involved in making the area safe, clearing up any contamination, and restoring the appearance of the land.