Ways To Animate An All-White Kitchen During Your Home Renovation

Posted on: 20 July 2020


One of the most-used rooms in the house is the kitchen, so when you're undergoing home renovations, it makes perfect sense to start with this area. You may love the crispness of all-white designs but feel that they can sometimes be uninspired. Here are several ways to animate white kitchens by adding texture and colour to the benchtop, splashback, accessories and flooring.


A neutral kitchen of pale hues provides an ideal backdrop for a stunning marble, granite or travertine benchtop. Especially when surrounded by flat, light shades, the streaking and veining will stand out with added beauty. You could create contrast with a dark charcoal benchtop and balance it out with deep-hued flooring. Alternatively, install an ivory or fawn benchtop, full of fascinating textures and patterns. The organic swathes of colour will give your kitchen a sense of dimension and depth.


Another way to brighten flat white surfaces is with a ceramic tiled splashback in vivid hues like cobalt blue or sea green. Tiles — in patterns such as herringbone or running bond — create texture. Traditional pillow-edge tiles give a subtle three-dimensional feel as each tile slightly curves inwards at the joins. You can step up this sense with tiles that are themselves textured rather than flat. To prevent a statement splashback looking out of place, offset it with a smaller, similar element elsewhere in the room.


Timber conveys an unmistakable sense of warmth and comfort which will enhance an otherwise all-white decor. You could incorporate it into the kitchen in a piecemeal fashion by placing a wooden knife-sharpener or cutting board on the countertop. Other ways to invite a warm timber feeling is through other elements such as bamboo lampshades and chairs.  


Flooring provides an ideal way to incorporate texture and warmth while leaving the other kitchen components predominantly white. Pale blond timber floorboards can be balanced with a mid-toned benchtop. Wood provides the perfect foil to cool whites and creams. Other flooring options include fawn, pink, or tan stone floor tiles. Slate with a cleft finish will add extra roughness to imbue the design with a rustic feel.

By adding a textured element or two, you can warm up your white kitchen decor. Textured and patterned materials such as natural stone add dimension and visual interest, plus traditional pillow-edge ceramic tiles provide softness and warmth. Timber, with its organic and rustic ambience, is a guaranteed way to add charm and interest. For more ideas, contact a home renovation contractor at a company like Level Vision Constructions.