What to Consider In a Skip Bin Hire Contractor?

Posted on: 19 February 2020


If you are renovating your home, moving from your current home or doing major foliage removal or gardening and need to dispose of a lot of waste, hiring a skip bin is the most efficient way to get rid of waste. Residential skip bin hire will offer you waste management solutions that help you sort multiple types of waste efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way. To rip the benefits of skip bin hire, you need to know which considerations to make when choosing a contractor.

Drop-Off Points for Skip Bins

Skip bins are larger than average garbage bins. These bins come in varying sizes and are transported on special vehicles. Determine whether the company has vehicles that match the size of the bins you are hiring. Some contractors use large trucks to deliver small bins. If you have a narrow street or small driveway, you need to think about the trucks delivering the bins.

Delivery and Pick-Up

In many cases, skip bin companies offer next-day delivery services. You need to identify the ideal delivery time so your skip is efficiently filled. Some companies charge on a daily basis like rental services with delivery and pick-up included in their price. The smartest way to use residential skip bin hire is to make sure all the waste you want to dispose of is available for removal in one day. Additionally, inform the skip bin contractor the exact day to remove the bin when it's full. This reduces the time the skip is used and sets aside a specific day when all the waste will be removed, hence avoiding multiple trips to the dumping site in the car.

Hours of Operation

It is important to determine whether the company works during the weekend. Also, determine whether there are extra charges for working on the weekends. You should also determine whether they would be flexible enough to adjust to last-minute changes to your schedule. For example, if you think you might require more bins at the last-minute, identify a company with the capacity to offer this. Reliable contractors use software programs to manage the availability of skip bins. You need to make this consideration when choosing a contractor.

Summing It Up

Residential skip bin hire is ideal if you want to dispose of large amounts of waste from your home. You might need these services if there is a building project at your home or some major renovation project with a lot of waste product. Some of the major considerations to make when hiring a skip bin hire company include their drop-off points for skip bins, delivery and pick-up schedules and hours of operation.