See What Indicates That You Should Waterproof Your Home Today

Posted on: 21 August 2019


The simple structural wear and tear mean that basement repair could be your next project. Water always looks for the path of least resistance to follow through. Water creates pressure against the concrete barriers of your basement as it seeps through the packed soil around the foundation of your home. It also causes the surrounding soil and concrete to wear away. Certain signs show that preventive measures and repairs are necessary before the entire basement is flooded. Water that gets to the basement is dangerous since it causes huge structural damage, especially if the basement is poorly waterproofed. See what makes you know the time for basement waterproofing has come:


The smell in the rooms above the ground shouldn't be the same as that in the basement. However, a strange odour shows that all is not well with your basement. The appliances you have at home create humidity, but it shouldn't be hard for this humidity to dissipate in the basement. The humidity shouldn't also raise a stink if the basement is properly waterproofed. That persistent, musty odour is a sign that the basement has a lot of lurking moisture you haven't detected. Excessive moisture at the basement causes mildew and mould to grow, causing the musty smell you detect. The sewage smell on your yard indicates that the basement is wet.


Chronic illnesses and symptoms among your family members show that you have toxic moulds growing in your house. A wet basement is enough to make your family members sick and show various chronic symptoms. Taking the ill relatives to the hospital won't solve the real problem. Contact professionals in basement waterproofing to resolve the problem to ensure you don't experience such symptoms again. People who live in a home with a wet basement show symptoms such as headache, chronic cough, increased thirst, vision problems, morning joint pain, sinus congestion, abdominal distress, fatigue and skin numbness and tingling.


If the shiny nails look dilapidated after a short time, just know they have become rusty due to excess humidity. Any wet basement releases high humidity that affects the look of the nails and any other metallic construction material. If the nails you used the other day to hang some pictures on the wall have rusted, then you have a basement problem that requires professional attention. Rusty metallic electrical boxes and furniture feet show you need urgent waterproofing services.

Other signs of a wet basement include swollen timber in the house, presence of bugs, outside water and stains, among others. Some of the basement waterproofing solutions for wet basements include sealing the foundation walls, installing gutters and downspouts, correcting ground slopes, installing external drainage systems and structural repair. The solution the basement waterproofing professional selects depends on how water found its way into the basement.