Three Rooms That Benefit from a Skylight

Posted on: 31 May 2019


Better lighting makes a room feel larger and more inviting, and an excellent way to let more natural light flood in is with a skylight window. Here are three rooms that would benefit from having a skylight window installed.


Bathrooms are tricky when it comes to windows. Privacy is a prime concern, and this often results in a small window that can leave the room feeling dark and confined. A skylight protects privacy while allowing illumination. In fact, a roof opening can potentially allow in up to three times the brightness of a same-size vertical window. The reason for this is that it receives direct light from the sky rather than light reflected from the ground, fence or other objects outside a window. A vented skylight is an excellent option as it will let heat and humidity escape the bathroom, which will lessen the build-up of mould and mildew.


Natural light emanating from a skylight makes it more comfortable for you to prepare meals. It can also lessen the need for larger windows, which frees up wall space for extra cabinets and appliances. This is particularly helpful in a small kitchen, where you need to make the most of every centimetre. A vented model will release food odours, moisture and smoke, helping you to keep the area fresh and clean. You can install a blind or use frosted glass to diffuse and soften the lighting in the summer. 


Some homeowners convert their roof space into an attic. Whether this is possible depends on the roof pitch; shallower pitches work better and are more likely to accommodate the minimum height requirements. 

Typically, these rooms use skylight windows to let in natural light. Vented models allow hot air and humidity to escape, which helps keep your entire home fresh. As hot air rises and cold air falls, all the warm air from the house will travel upwards towards the ceiling and the attic. A vented skylight, by releasing this build-up, will reduce air conditioning costs in summer and prevent damage caused by dampness, such as mildew, rotting and peeling paint. Installing blinds will preserve darkness to help with sleep, and frosted glass will soften the light to reduce glare. Because an attic is usually an irregular shape with a sloping roof, the brightness from a skylight is vital in making the space feel spacious enough to be comfortable and livable. Skylight window manufacturers can advise on their optimal size and positioning.