4 Tips on Selecting the Right Contractor for your Concrete Kerb Repair

Posted on: 20 May 2019


Concrete kerbs are raised edges or lines of concrete used for demarcation in gardens or pavements. Concrete kerbs give your property an aesthetic appeal and help in designating areas such as gardens and prevent soil from gardens eroding into your pathway or patio. Therefore, concrete kerbs are a great addition to any property requiring careful maintenance measures. However, once the kerbs are damaged due to some conditions or circumstances, prompt repairs are required to minimize the damage. A good kerb contractor is essential to assist you in maintaining and repairing your kerbs. Below are four essential tips in selecting the right contractor for your kerb repairs.

1. Good Reputation

The right contractor to handle your kerb maintenance and repair should have an excellent street reputation. Go for a contractor with a good track record of providing high-quality installations and kerb maintenance. If possible, the contractor should be a concrete specialist with experience in dealing with kerbs. Also, a good kerb company should be able to provide various services and applications such as in pathways, driveways, parking lots, playgrounds, gardens and swimming pools.

2. Referral and References

A good kerb contractor will be able to provide references of past clients and contractors with whom they have worked with. It's important to contact those clients and know the quality of services they received and the customer relationship experience. Also, inquire if they can refer the same contractor to other clients and if they would contract their services again. You can also ask neighbors and friends about the contractor they used and their experiences. The internet has made it even easy to follow up on a contractor's customer reviews; therefore, make sure to use it while doing your research.

3. License and Certification

Considering the numerous laws available, always look for a contractor who has proper documentation and relevant certifications to conduct kerb repairs in your residence. Contacting the appropriate regulatory bodies will help you know qualified and certified contractors in your region. Contracting a certified professional to do the job will make sure that you're able to keep your kerbs attractive and maintain their sturdiness and durability.

4. Friendly Prices and Payment Process

Before settling for a contractor, ask about their prices to be sure that they're within your budget. If possible, try and negotiate for better payment terms. Also, inquire about the services offered, i.e. repair, maintenance and so on. A good contractor will also have a good payment process that is able to suit your needs. For instance, they can accept credit cards, part payments and others.

Finding the right kerb contractor will assist you in giving your kerbs proper care and maintenance when they need it. Therefore, take your time to find the most affordable and professional kerb contractor for your needs.