Top Tips When Purchasing and Renting Industrial Sheds

Posted on: 8 February 2019


Industrial sheds serve as storage sites for machines and plant equipment. Further, you can use them as workshops, warehouses or even processing plants. If you wish to purchase or rent an industrial shed, below are some things you should consider. 

Whether to buy or to rent

Renting is a suitable option when you need the shed for a short period. Buying is best suited for contractors who require a permanent storage site for their materials. If you do not have sufficient capital, your bank can finance the purchase, provided you have a good credit history. 


Sheds come in different sizes, so you should choose one that suits your needs. Consider your future needs while buying the shed. For instance, if you expect your company to grow in the next few years, the shed should accommodate machines that you will acquire during that period. 


The materials used to make the shed must be durable. For instance, sheds made from galvanised metals are corrosion resistant. Since wood is a poor heat conductor, wooden industrial sheds may shield people from excess heat or cold. However, wood is prone to termite attacks and water damage.


The shed should be located in a safe and strategic area. It should be easy to access during the day and at night. Also, it should be close to amenities such as banks and restaurants. If you intend to store plant equipment such as earthmovers, the roads leading to the shed should be wide enough for the equipment. Purchasing an industrial shed is similar to making any other real estate investment. As such, it should appreciate in value over time. Inquire about zoning regulations, as the local council may restrict activities such as processing in certain areas. 


If you are buying a used shed, ask a building inspector to inspect it and report on its structural quality. Also, check for signs of chemical and fuel spillage. The shed should have vents and fans to ensure sufficient circulation of air. Some industrial sheds will have extra features such as offices and even restrooms. Security features such as alarm systems are an added advantage.  

Before buying the shed, do some research to ensure that it is reasonably priced. If you have not purchased commercial property in the past, engage a property lawyer to conduct due diligence and negotiate with the seller on your behalf. 

The primary considerations when buying an industrial shed are the size, materials, location, features and cost.