3 Essential Qualities of Dump Truck Seats

Posted on: 5 October 2018


Buying a used dump truck is a good alternative for a startup construction firm. The trucks are relatively cheap, and repairs are manageable in comparison to getting a new dump truck. While you can get away with minor tear and wear on various parts of the vehicle such as the dump box, you should not compromise on the quality of seats. Comfort is paramount considering the physical nature of a dump truck driver's job. Therefore, if you find a used truck that meets your needs but has worn out seats, then you have to replace them. However, before buying replacement seats, read this article for insight on what to look out for.

Adjustable Driving Positions -- Dump truck drivers come in all shapes, sizes, and heights. Also, drivers have different driving styles. Therefore, one of the essential qualities you should look for in a truck seat is the availability of different adjustable driving positions. For instance, if the seat has a single adjustable driving position, then only a handful of drivers can use the seat comfortably. However, if the seat has at least three different adjustable positions, any driver that uses the truck can find the best option that suits them without having to change vehicles. 

Individual Armrest Height Adjustment -- Unlike in other vehicles, controlling the steering wheel on dump trucks requires some level of energy. As such, the driver's arms need to be as comfortable as possible. Therefore, quality dump truck seats must have independently adjustable armrests. The option allows a driver to rest each arm differently depending on what feels comfortable. For instance, if a driver wants to relax their right arm from the steering wheel, they should be able to adjust the right armrest only -- the left armrest should not be affected in this case. The adjustment options of an armrest enable a driver to relieve pressure on the muscles of the upper back and neck.

Swivel -- Repetitive and jerky movement is common among truck drivers when working in a construction dump site. It is due to the many turns that drivers have to make to navigate around obstacles. While the side and rear view mirrors are meant to relieve the pressure of having to look back and forth frequently, there are instances when drivers trust their eyes more. The swivel mechanism allows drivers to adjust their seats across varying angles, from left to right. Swivel truck seats make it easy for drivers to look back and forward without straining their neck muscles. 

Keep these tips in mind as you look for truck seats from a local supplier.