How to Ensure That Your Pipe Installation Project Is Well Covered

Posted on: 8 September 2018


If you are responsible for managing and maintaining a housing project for your local authority, you may be dealing with an extensive retrofit to upgrade piping systems within a network of residential properties. This refurbishment has taken some time to put together and has a considerable budget attached. Accordingly, you have to ensure that the pipework is replaced and reconfigured according to a plan, but you must make sure that the final result is aesthetically pleasing for the residents, as well. How can you make sure that these pipes are concealed or "boxed" properly and that everybody is happy, while budgets are met?

The Old Method

In the old days, little attention would be paid to exposed pipework once installation was complete. However, today this is not acceptable, and quite apart from the visual effect, it's often necessary to take into account safety and energy consumption.

Much to Consider

To make sure that these installations can be covered effectively while being available for inspection if needed, you will need to ensure that the materials used are manufactured efficiently. Furthermore, you must pay close attention to how these "boxes" are introduced.


The traditional method might be to fabricate such a covering on site using a variety of raw materials. Then, some coats of paint would be applied to "blend" into the surrounding. Of course, this could be a time-intensive process which may require input from more than one tradesperson. It's also important today to look at sustainability and make sure that the products used have been purchased in accordance with regulations and otherwise conform.


It's a far better to create the right boxes off-site, where supply can be controlled and economies of scale can be brought into the picture. These preformed solutions can then be introduced by the engineer who fits the pipework in the first place, as each installation will be essentially the same. In any case, they may only have to initiate a couple of small alterations to complete the job before moving on.

Removal and Replacement

There is another significant advantage to this template approach, as the preformed casings should be made to be removable using rudimentary tools. This means they can be taken down and replaced in a matter of seconds should any maintenance need to be performed or readings taken from attached meters.

Bigger Picture Analysis

Make sure that you look at your pipe installation job from every conceivable angle in order to ensure that it is successful.

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