3 Benefits of Fixed Dock Construction

Posted on: 6 September 2018


If you have a commercial property by the water, you may be wondering if it is necessary to construct a dock. And while floating docks are a popular option, you may want to consider fixed dock construction. Firstly, take note that this dock does require professional construction for a number of reasons. Not only will your construction contractors seek proper permits for you, but they will also ensure that the dock is built as per the local guidelines. With that in mind, you may be wondering if it is worthwhile to invest in this structure for your commercial property. This article explores three of the top benefits of electing to have fixed dock construction on at your business premises.

Fixed docks are inherently stable.

Although floating docks do stay over the water, the water's movement impacts them. A little movement may not bother you, but when large waves are rolling in, your floating docks will be very unstable in the water. Fixed docks, on the other hand, are secured so they will offer you sturdiness that you will not get from the floating dock variety. Hence, fixed docks are especially beneficial if your location regularly experiences strong tides and continual wave action.

Fixed docks come in an assortment of designs.

If you want your dock to be uniquely designed so it can be a focal point on your property, you should opt to construct a fixed dock. Commercial marine contractors will furnish you with a vast range of options when it comes to both the style of your dock, as well as the materials that you should employ for the construction. You then have the flexibility to peruse through the designs they have previously built, or you could decide to have one customised to suit the architectural elements of your commercial property.

Fixed docks can function as a living space.

As aforementioned, fixed docks are inherently much more stable than their floating dock counterparts are. Therefore, since stability is not a concern that you will have, you can make this area function as more than just a designated place to dock your boat. For instance, you could convert the space into an exterior living area by putting some comfortable furniture on the dock and a shelter for protection against the elements. Thus, any potential customers or visitors to your commercial property can spend some time on the dock comfortably. Additionally, you can install some balustrading to secure the dock and mount lighting to keep the space illuminated.