Thinking Of Paving Your Driveway? Hold Off Until the Summer

Posted on: 1 September 2018


If you are thinking of laying asphalt on your driveway, you may want to wait until summer rolls around. The warm temperatures are advantageous to asphalt laying as your paving contractors will have adequate time to work with the asphalt supplies and this increases the chances of firmer, more durable paving for your property. If you are wondering what makes asphalt laying in the summer more convenient than other seasons, read on for some of the reasons why waiting will be best for your property for the long term.

Asphalt laying during the summer ensures stable paving

While you could take the chance and opt to pave your driveway during the winter, you should be aware of a few risks. Firstly, the cold temperatures mean short windows to install the asphalt since there is always the chance of inclement weather patterns. Thus, your asphalt could end up setting unevenly, and this causes the paving to be unstable. Warm weather conditions, on the other hand, will keep the asphalt pliable throughout the installation process. As a result, your contractors can take their time compacting and levelling the surface at their schedule, which means the paving will be firm and steady once it sets.

Asphalt laying during the summer ensures the paving process is efficient

Although the use of heavy equipment machinery characterises the asphalt laying process, some tasks need to be executed by hand. For instance, the spreading of the mixture, as well as the raking, may have to be performed by hand on some areas. When the weather conditions are erratic during the winter months, you will find that some of these steps will take longer than necessary, as they have to be completed when the climate is dry. During the summer, you can have the blacktop applied while the sun is up and your contractors will get to finish their work in a shorter time. You may even find that this will reduce your labour costs too since the project will not be dependent on how favourable the weather elements are.

Asphalt laying during the summer ensures quick drying of sealant

Before you can make use of your newly paved driveway, you have to wait until the sealcoating is dry. Seal coating is critical to asphalt paving because it functions to protect the material for direct sun exposure. In addition to this, the sealant also keeps your asphalt paving protected from cosmetic damages. When applied in the summer, the asphalt absorbs the sealant at a more efficient rate, which helps it dry fast. Hence, you only have to wait a few days before you can start to make use of your driveway!