House Painting Tips: Is a Scaffold Better Than a Ladder?

Posted on: 31 August 2018


If you're about to start painting the outside of your house, then you may assume that you'll be fine using a ladder to access parts you can't reach from the ground. While a ladder works, it may not be the best option if you have a big paint job on your hands. A scaffold may be a more effective way to work at heights. Why?

Safety Benefits

You may be happy using a ladder; however, scaffolding gives you a safer platform to stand on. It's easy to lose your step or to make a sudden movement that dislodges a ladder and sends it tumbling down. This isn't a problem with scaffolding.

Rather than perching on steps, you stand on a robust flat floor when you use a scaffold. You also have the added security of rails around you. So, if you were to slip, you're less likely to fall.

Speed Benefits

Scaffolds give you a bigger area to stand on and work from. This allows you to get more painting done before you need to move. If you're working on a ladder, you'll paint for a bit until you can't safely reach any longer. Then, you have to pick up your paint and brushes, go down the ladder, and move it before you start again on the next bit. This can tire you out and waste time.

Plus, a scaffold's platform gives you a handy place to store all your painting gear. If you use a ladder, then you won't be able to keep much with you apart from your paint. Again, this could see you wasting time going to fetch anything else you need. With scaffolding, you simply put everything on the platform before you start painting.

Quality Benefits

The stability and space on scaffolds may also improve the quality and finish of your paint job. If you're on a ladder, then you'll end up stretching to reach some areas. Your paint coverage may not be even in places where you don't have easy access. This isn't a problem on a scaffold. You focus on one area and then simply move across to the next.

You don't have to buy scaffolding to paint your house; you can hire it. If you're not sure what kind to use, then talk to local scaffolding hire companies. They will be able to talk you through available options and help you pick the right scaffold for your painting job.