Why Quality Fencing Timber Makes a Difference

Posted on: 29 August 2018


Wooden fencing is a good choice if you want to keep things looking natural in your backyard, as it's more able to blend in with plants and landscaping, adding a traditional effect. If you're planning on building a wooden fence, some of the cheap timber available is likely tempting. After all, if you can save money and still get the fence you want, the quality of the timber might not seem important.

But there's a world of difference between good and inferior timber, and it can be an important choice to make. Here are the reasons it's worth finding good-quality timber for your new fence.

It's a lot more durable

Timber that's designated as high-quality is carefully selected for its strength. It typically comes from trees that grow more slowly, which adds density and durability to the wood.

In cheaper, low-quality timber, there's less care taken in quality control. Substandard, weak pieces of timber are sold as normal, and it may also be sliced more thinly. If you want to make sure your fence is strong, secure and resistant to weather, it's well worth seeking out quality materials.

It's more resistant to rot

Timber sold for fencing is usually treated with preservatives to stop it from rotting. With low-quality timber, this is often done by dipping it in preservatives, as it's a quick process. The problem with this is that it's not hugely effective, and you'll need to apply your own treatments every so often.

Good-quality timber will most often be pressure treated, where the preserving agents are forced into the wood so it is resistant to rot throughout. This should last the life of the timber, and it's extremely effective.

It's usually environmentally friendly

When you buy low-cost timber, it's fairly likely it comes at a cost to the environment. These woods are sometimes obtained from non-sustainable sources, and it can be difficult to find out what the source is.

Opting for a better-quality wood means you're more likely to find it certified as sustainable, so you can do your bit to help prevent deforestation.

It gives you more options

Top-quality fencing timber is available in a range of different woods, all of which are suitable for the purpose. You can also find it ready-made in various shapes and sizes, so you can build the fence you really want.

You get less choice with cheap woods, as varieties are often selected for their low cost alone. It's likely you'll also find a limited selection of styles available.