2 tips for those who want to renovate a commercial office building

Posted on: 29 August 2018


If you will be renovating your commercial office building, you might want to keep the following tips in mind.

1. Opt for aluminium balustrading when renovating the busiest corridors and stairways

When choosing the balustrading for the office building's busiest corridors and stairways, it is best to select balustrades made from aluminium.

There are a few reasons why this material is the best option for these parts of the building. The first is that aluminium is a very low-maintenance material; far more so than, for example, wood. It is non-porous, which means that it will not absorb the traces of odour-inducing bacteria that may be on the hands of the dozens of office workers who touch the balustrade whilst they're walking down the corridor and will not develop permanent stains if someone accidentally spills some coffee on it.  

In short, all the office cleaners will have to do to keep the balustrade clean, and sanitary is wipe it down with a cloth and some cleaning spray at the end of each day. The second reason is that aluminium is a very hard-wearing material and as such, a balustrade made from this material will not develop noticeable and unsightly scratches or indentations, even if people regularly lean against it, or accidentally drop something heavy on it. This means that you won't have to spend your money and time repairing the balustrade on a regular basis.

2. Opt for non-slip flooring

In a busy commercial office building, where dozens of people are coming and going all day long, it is important to have non-slip flooring.

The reason for this is as follows; installing smooth and slippery laminate or tiles will increase the likelihood of both office workers and visiting clients losing their grip on the floor and falling over. Accidents of this kind could result in the injured parties filing very costly lawsuits, which could damage the reputation and financial stability of the business that you run from your office building.

Additionally, any scratches that a high-shine, slippery floor develops will be extremely noticeable, due to its smooth texture. As such, whilst glossy laminate, for example, might look good initially, it may begin to look a bit unsightly, after a few months of being subjected to constant foot traffic. As such, it is best to choose either hard flooring with a slightly rough texture (to provide grip and to hide scratches) or opt for carpeting instead.

For more information, contact your local aluminium balustrading service.