2 tips for those who are currently prepping for a construction project

Posted on: 29 August 2018


If you are currently making the necessary preparations for an upcoming building project, here are some tips that might help you during this stage of the process.

1. Buy a storage container when you order your structural steel

When you place an order for the structural steel with your chosen steel fabrication company, you should also look online for a storage container for this steel. Ordering the storage container at this point will ensure that when the steel fabrication company delivers the steel to your building site, you will already have a safe place to store it until it needs to be used.

If you wait until the steel arrives before buying a container, the steel may have to be left outdoors for several days, until the container is delivered. This could be problematic, as structural steel is very valuable and as such, is often one of the first things that thieves look for when perusing construction sites. If your steel is not locked away in a storage container, it is quite possible that it may be snapped up by a thief after you and your construction crew leave the site in the evening.

The theft of this structural steel could result in extensive delays (as you would not only have to file a report at the local police station, and make an insurance claim to cover the cost of replacing it but would also have to re-order the steel from the steel fabrication company). As such, it is best to ensure that you have a container when the steel arrives on site.

2. Order a few portable toilets

It is also important to have a few portable toilets on your site. These need to be on the site from the very first day of the project, and as such, should be ordered a few weeks in advance so as to ensure that they will be delivered before the construction crew begins their work. Having toilets on the site is absolutely vital, for several reasons. First, it will help to keep the construction project on schedule, as your workers will not have to leave the site and visit the local public toilets, or head into the bathroom of a nearby restaurant, every time they experience the call of nature.

Additionally, it will create a more comfortable work environment for your construction crew, as when nature calls, they won't have to 'hold it' and suffer from physical discomfort until they can locate a toilet, but can instead simply pop into the portable toilets as and when they need to.