Constructing Residential Property? Here Are 3 Modern Features to Consider

Posted on: 28 August 2018


More and more people today are warming up to new constructions that are designed with contemporary designs in mind. Whether they are looking to buy or rent, individuals are looking at residential properties as a reflection of their style and taste. Therefore, before designing and constructing such investment properties, it is important to understand what people are looking for in today's market. This article will give you three features that everyone is gravitating towards as they search for modern homes to buy or rent.

Multi-Generation Designs

In today's homes, it is common to find individuals across various generations living under the same roof. Many young adults prefer to stay longer with their parents as compared to the past. Similarly, seniors are also moving in with their children. There is a need to design houses that meet this modern need. These are homes that have suites on the ground or first floors to cater for seniors or young adults.

This design calls for building self-contained suites so that the elderly can be comfortable without straining to move around the house or go up and down the stairs. The suites can also accommodate young adults who are still living with their parents but need some level of privacy.

Modern Materials

Buildings today are utilising modern materials and construction designs to achieve a contemporary look and feel. Gone are the days during which structures were boxed up with solid walls covering every side of the house. Today's home utilise materials such as glass to open up space and give it an airy and elegant look and feel. For example, most people are gravitating towards properties with large windows and sliding doors to open up living rooms and bedrooms as compared to the traditional look.

As you design your property, have these current trends in mind. Mix up materials such as glass and concrete to give the property a contemporary look. Work with an experienced engineer to actualise these trends.

Open-Plan Living

Engineers and designers have been looking for ways to open up living spaces and design a seamless flow from one room to another. One of the ways this has come to pass is through opening up spaces and adopting an open floor plan. An open plan utilises fewer walls in the interior space, especially the common rooms such as the living room, dining, area and kitchen. Instead of building walls to separate these rooms, you have one large space that's broken down through the use of materials and decor features. This makes your property looks larger and more appealing to the modern client who's keeping up with the trends in the design market.

Work with experienced civil and construction engineers for civil engineering services to understand the trends in the market and how you can design your properties to meet the market's needs.