3 Unique Additions to Your Custom Home Build

Posted on: 28 August 2018


Having the ability to hire a contractor for a custom home build gives you the ability to add anything you want to that home. You can create the home that is best suited for your family and needs. The problem is that most people don't take full advantage of this option because they don't realize the freedom of choice available to them during the building process. Here are three unique additions to consider adding to your custom home that you may not know are available.

Pet Grooming Room

If you have larger animals, you know the difficulty of cleaning them when they have accidents or get into mud outside. You don't want to drag them through the home, getting everything dirty along the way. Instead of fighting the mess and the pet, consider having a pet grooming room added to the home. This room can be small, and usually the size of a mudroom. The room contains a bathing station, spray nozzle, and a cabinet to hold any cleaning and grooming supplies you may need. With this addition, you can clean the pets as well as contain the mess making the entire experience easier.

Pull Out Cabinets

Pull out cabinets can be a huge help to you in the kitchen, especially for the holidays. They can also add to the clean sleek appearance of the kitchen if you want to reduce the look of clutter. Some of the most popular styles of pull out cabinets are ones that hold your coffee maker and accessories. When you are done with the pot and accessories for the day, you can simply slide the cabinet back in place, hiding the entire set easily. Another popular pull out cabinet design is a chopping block or cabinets that can create a longer workstation for holiday cooking and buffet-style serving.

Under the Stairs Storage

Though having an under the stairs room is common, they are difficult to use. You have to crawl into the space to store anything and utilize the space fully. You can upgrade this area by having pull out storage installed. A sliding door can be equipped to slide out of the way. Once the sliding door is moved, pull out storage is revealed. You can use the storage for shoes, supplies, seasonal items, or anything that needs quick access storage.

These are only three of the unique additions you can have added to your custom home build. If you have an idea or a need for your family home, consider a consultation with a custom home builder. They can answer questions, help with designs, and help you create and build the home of your dreams.