Why Hire a Construction Surveyor?

Posted on: 27 August 2018


Surveying is an important aspect of any project on the land. Surveying tells of the topography and geological aspect of the area you want to operate in. In the construction industry, there are many reasons why you should hire a construction surveyor before embarking on the project. These are individuals with expert knowledge on land surveying, with a key specialization in construction. So why are construction surveyors specifically important to any building project? The following are some of the reasons why.

Construction design 

The planning and design stage of any project is quite critical to the outcome of your project. At this stage, crucial decisions are made to determine what will be located where. A construction surveyor will be very useful at this stage. Construction surveyors asses land with an eye on things like elevation, topography, and likely shifts. With this in mind, a construction surveyor can predict possible challenges to your construction. For instance, a construction surveyor can tell you the likelihood of your building flooding, or the probability of the land sinking in from one side. You need such expertise at the design stage of your project lest you incur future costs from amendments.

Assessment of boundaries

It is very important to know the exact legal boundaries you can operate on when undertaking construction. Many may not think it crucial, but boundary lines can greatly impact a construction project. A construction surveyor is useful in coming up with maps, interpreting old surveys, and developing blueprints for your project. If these are not done thoroughly and carefully, your construction project may be a lawsuit away from collapse. With commercial spaces, the concerns of this should be dire.

Certificates and Compliances

You can be surprised by the very many construction acts and codes available out there. These differ from state to state, city to city, municipality to municipality. A good construction surveyor is always up to date with the various statutes and laws in the area he or she operates in. Hiring the surveyor helps in keeping up with the regulations. In commercial or public access spaces, for instance, some cities have acts dictating disability access features. With the knowledge of this, your construction surveyor will guide the planning and design stage of your building to incorporate such features. This way, you avoid future costs in renovation.


Who would think of a construction project going on without important tools like altimeters and all that fancy survey equipment? A construction surveyor comes with these and knows how to use them!