3 Ways to Protect Your Landscaping During Storm Weather

Posted on: 24 August 2018


Seasons that are characterized by heavy rains and strong winds are particularly harsh on landscaping. Tree branches break and fall, grass soaks in the runoff, and small plants drown in water. If you are not careful, stormy weather can wreak havoc on your entire landscape and cost you a lot of time and resources in landscaping. Unfortunately, since you cannot do anything about the wind or rain, you should consider taking the following measures to protect your trees, grass, shrubs, flowers, and plants from the stormy weather.

1. Work on your drainage system

How is your stormwater drainage system functioning? Is it clean or clogged with soil and debris? A good drainage system is your best defence in protecting your landscape against stormwater runoff. The water will properly drain through the set channels, and this will stop it from flooding your garden. Take some time and clean your stormwater drainage system before the onset of stormy weather. You can get professional assistance, especially if your drains are clogged with debris and soil from the previous rainy season.

2. Remove waterlogged soil

Plants and trees require oxygen to thrive. However, when your landscape is flooded, the soil becomes waterlogged, and this prevents air from properly circulating. As a result, the plants won't get enough oxygen. Oxygen deprivation causes plant roots to rot and die, especially if the soil remains waterlogged for an extended period. You can prevent this by removing waterlogged soil in your garden, especially if your drainage system is not working properly to protect your garden from floods. Once the water recedes and the soil dries, the roots will get adequate air and restore themselves.

3. Fertilize your plants

As stormwater washes away across your landscape, it may carry along nutrients in the soil that are necessary for plant growth. Also, it may also wash away any manure and fertilizer that you had used before the rains. If you don't fertilize your plants after the stormy weather, they will lack essential nutrients for growth. Invest in fertilizer, especially that which is rich in vital nutrients such as nitrogen. Use it on your small trees, plants, flowers, and shrubs after heavy rains to restore nutrients that may have been washed away by the rains.

Taking proper care of your landscape is essential to preserving the curb appeal of your outdoor space. Follow these tips to prepare your landscape for storm weather and protect your plants from damage. Also, contact a landscaping contractor if you need to restore your landscape after the storm season.