2 mistakes to avoid if you want your construction project to be successful

Posted on: 24 August 2018


If you want your construction project to be a success, here are two mistakes that you should try to avoid making.

1. Cutting corners when making the changes requested by the certifier

Certifiers often ask their clients to make specific changes to the buildings they are constructing; they do this so that the finished buildings will be compliant with certain regulations, and so that they will be safe for future residents to inhabit. It is quite possible that at some point during your project, your certifier will draw your attention to an issue with the construction work which they will need you to rectify.

If the issue in question will cost a lot of money to resolve, you might be tempted to cut some corners in order to keep your project's costs down. For example, if your building will include a loft that will be used as a living space, and the certifier points out that the height of the loft does not meet the minimum legal requirements for it to be used in this manner, you might be tempted to simply remove a few roof trusses, instead of spending time and money raising the entire roof to create more headroom.

However, if the certifier suspects that the removal of the roof trusses has compromised the structural stability of the roof, they may decide not to give you your certificate at the end of the building process until you have put them back and resolved the original loft height issue. This could then result in you not only having to raise the roof but also replace the extracted roof trusses and repair any damage caused by their initial removal. This would increase your costs and result in it taking far longer for you to complete your project.

2. Taking a lax approach to site security

If you want your construction project to go well, it is vital not to take a lax approach to site security. The reason for this is as follows; a lot of seasoned criminals choose to target construction sites because these sites tend to house a great deal of valuable machinery, building tools and materials which can be resold for a profit.

If you don't invest some time and effort into securing your site, there is a chance that the expensive goods you keep in it may end up being stolen. This could be disastrous, as it could delay the progress of the construction work by several weeks (depending on how long it takes for the replacement machinery and materials to arrive) and drastically increase your project expenditures.

As such, it is important to do everything you can to keep the site secure. The installation of tall fencing, security cameras and an alarm system should help to deter thieves and thus help to ensure that your project goes as smoothly as possible.