How to Get Your Electrical System to Talk to Your Technicians

Posted on: 23 August 2018


In any industrial process, consistency is key, and any type of stoppage needs to be avoided like the plague. You may be very aware of this, as you have a complicated environment under your control, with many different types of equipment, both primary and backup. You know that each asset needs to be in first-class condition, but having said that, every asset relies on electricity to operate, and you must ensure an uninterrupted flow of this vital utility as well. How can you predict problems here to make sure that you are ready for anything?

Dealing With the Unknown

Electrical distribution systems often come under stress for a variety of reasons. If they encounter an issue like equipment failure, they have protective devices that are designed to turn off power instantaneously. These fail-safe devices are meant to prevent additional damage and, specifically, issues that affect your equipment as the end-user. They are also meant to prevent injury to operators within your facility.

Smarter Technology

In the past, you would have had no warning of failure and your electricity would simply shut off, leaving you in limbo until the issue could be addressed. These days, however, smart circuit breakers are linked to cloud-based apps that can give early warning of impending failure and hopefully help avoid it.

How This Works

When you introduce this technology into your facility, your backup team of electricians will be issued with a certain type of app that can be loaded into a mobile device. If an issue develops on a specific circuit, then a message will be sent to the device showing the breaker ID, the type of event and the location of the problem.

The technician will be able to get to the site as soon as possible and verify the location of the problem breaker by scanning a QR code. Once the app and the breaker are matched, then data can be downloaded through a Bluetooth connection and in turn linked with information stored in the cloud for comparison purposes.

The technician will then have access to advanced analytics that can help them to decide on the next course of action, initiating maintenance or replacement as needed.

Growing Data Bank

Furthermore, any incident like this will generate a digital trail, adding to the amount of intelligence stored in the cloud. This type of data will therefore improve exponentially, and this can only help add to its importance.


Make sure that your team of electricians is kitted out appropriately and that your facility is fitted with this type of smart breaker as soon as possible. Contact a company that provides industrial electrical systems maintenance services to learn more.