3 Bore Maintenance Services You Should Have Done Professionally

Posted on: 23 August 2018


If you need bore maintenance services, then you may be using an in-house team to handle the maintenance for you. Though this will help with maintaining the bores you have, it may miss key issues that will become costly later. If you are looking for a better way of handling your bore maintenance while ensuring that you are reducing the chances of costly repairs down the road, then there are three services you should consider. Here are those three bore maintenance services that you should have a professional handle for you.

CCTV Camera Inspections

The first thing you should have a professional handle for your bore maintenance is camera inspections. These inspections can be done once or more a year and can show you internal issues that may often be overlooked. A professional will use a CCTV camera to look into your pipes and water bores. The camera can either be filming or a technician can use manual controls to snap pictures, move the camera further into the area and grab video feed. They will then take that footage and help create a treatment plan to fix any issues or create preventative bore maintenance plans for your specific needs.

Scale and Rust Removal

Scale and rust removal may be a part of bore maintenance that you feel can be done by an in-house team. Though your in-house maintenance crew can handle most of the scale and rust removal on their own, a professional service will have the tools and chemicals that can give you the advantage. One of the methods many professional bore maintenance services offer is chemical jetting. This process works in a similar way to a power washer by breaking down the rust and scale and moving them quickly away from the area. This can clean areas you would normally not be able to reach and help you reduce chances of severe buildup.

Preventative Maintenance

In addition to the routine cleaning and inspection steps your in-house maintenance crew takes with bore maintenance schedules, you should consider preventative maintenance as well. A professional maintenance team can offer various routines that will work with your business and with your bore maintenance plans. The preventative maintenance steps can help to catch issues, such as rusting pipes or scaling that can cause backups and drainage issues. The repairs can be done on the spot to avoid costly repairs later.

These are only three of the professional services that you should have done for your company's bore maintenance. If you are ready to set up a routine maintenance plan, contact your local bore services contractors.