How to Add Style to Your Home With Decorative Mirrors and Glass

Posted on: 20 August 2018


If you're looking to update and modernize your home's artwork and accessories, and also want to add light to a small and dark space, decorative mirrors and glass can be a good choice. Glass artwork won't absorb light as do wooden picture frames or dark canvas materials. Mirrors will reflect light around a room, so that dark corners or drab walls can suddenly seem much brighter. If you've never decorated with mirrors or glass pieces before, note a few simple tips to consider before you start shopping.

Be strategic

Glass decorative pieces can be added to any dark corner or wall, and these will help to keep that dark colour from seeming overly muddy and drab. However, when placing decorative mirrors on walls, remember that mirrors reflect light, so they need to be aimed at a light source!

Avoid placing a mirror across from a dark wall, as the mirror will just reflect that darkness and do nothing to brighten a space. You'll also want to avoid placing a mirror across from something that isn't very artistic or interesting; for example, a mirror across from a TV will just reflect whatever program is running. Instead, place the mirror across from a lamp, a grouping of candles, a window, or even a decorative vase of flowers to add visual interest as well as light to a room.

Add some colour

Adding glass and mirrors in a space to make it lighter and brighter is good, but you also don't want those pieces to be overly dull themselves. Choose some coloured glass pieces to create unique groupings and visual interest; for example, coloured glass candle holders can offer a nice glow when you light that candle. Stained glass artwork can often be more eye-catching than plain glass pieces. You can also bring in some colour with a frame around a mirror, so the mirror reflects light while the frame adds style to the space.

Mix things up

While glass and mirrors can add lots of light and brightness to a space, they can start to seem cold and impersonal if those are the only pieces you use for artwork. To avoid this, mix them up with standard art. Choose paintings with the same colours as the coloured glass you choose, or bring in some flowers and candles to place around a mirror on a mantelpiece, to ensure there is colour and texture and the mirror itself doesn't seem cold and bland.