How To Paint A Large Room So It Seems Smaller And Cozier

Posted on: 17 August 2018


Do you have a large, cavernous room that you want to make more intimate and cozy? No fear, there is a way to do this without pulling your house down or adding in a wall. Clever use of paint colour can change the seeming proportions and ambiance of a room.

Use Dark Colors To Make A Large Room Cozier

To make a room cozier, just do the opposite of what would make it more spacious. Light-coloured walls and ceilings bounce and reflect light around a room, which typically creates a bright, spacious, larger-feeling room. This might be exactly what you want in a small- or medium-sized room, but in an overly large room, extra brightness and airiness can equate to vastness and emptiness. Instead, in a large room, paint the walls and ceiling darker colours which absorb light; this will typically create a cozier more intimate space. After all, the room is already spacious in its dimensions, and it won't lose this. 

Use Warm Colors To Bring The Walls And Ceiling Closer

Another tip is to paint the walls and ceilings in warm colours, such as reds or oranges, rather than cool colours like blues and greens. Warm tones tend to draw objects or surfaces closer, whereas cool colours distance objects, making them visually recede. Warmly painted walls and ceilings will bring them in closer, providing a more snug comfortable room.

Break Up An Expanse Of Wall Space With Contrasting Colors And Textures

An even, continuous wash of closely related tones and colors across a room will tend to make it feel more spacious, so do the reverse of this in a large room where you want to limit spaciousness. You can achieve this by creating contrasts wherever you can. Break up an clean expanse of wall with a chair rail or picture mouldings, and paint the wall sections in different colours. Use contrasting colours for furniture and furnishings for a busier look. A vast wall expanse can also be broken up with textured painting techniques or patterned wallpaper to draw attention to the walls, which will visually bring them forward. 

So if you have a large room that is already overly spacious in its dimensions, don't make it even roomier by painting it in particular ways to emphasise this. A large room cannot lose its generous proportions, but with these techniques, you can make it seem more intimate, cozy and liveable. Interior painters will be able to help with specific colours that suit your particular rooms.