2 Tips To Help You Plan The Perfect Lawn For Your Newly Built Home

Posted on: 17 August 2018


Designing a garden for a newly built home is an exciting yet sometimes daunting task. It's an excellent way to get a garden that's perfect for your needs, but it also involves a lot of work and planning. There are many different features that you'll need to consider for your garden, but one of the largest and most vital elements is the lawn.

Lawns may seem like one of the simpler aspects when it comes to garden design, but getting the lawn right can be more difficult than you may think. Here are two tips that will help to ensure your new lawn looks great and is easy to maintain.

1. Choose the right turf variety

While it's possible to grow your new lawn from seed, laying ready-grown turf is a popular option for many Australian homeowners. Growing lawn from seed means that it will be several weeks before you have a functional lawn, and the process can be easily disrupted due to weather events or not having the knowledge to nurture the growing lawn properly.

Turf gives you an instant lawn that can be used after only a few days. It also allows you to choose a turf variety that is best suited to your location and what you want from your lawn. Choose a turf variety, such as buffalo or kikuyu turf, that has low water requirements, will stay green all year round and is resistant to weed growth or insect infestation.

2. Choose the right shape

Lawns vary dramatically in size from property to property. However big your garden may be, the shape of the area that you are choosing to use as lawn plays a big role in how easy it will be to maintain. It's helpful to plan out the other major features, such as decks, patios and garden beds before you make a final decision on your lawn size and shape.

Generally speaking, it's more convenient and low maintenance to have a single expanse of lawn than several smaller areas that are broken up by paths and garden beds. This makes mowing a much faster and simple task. Make sure that you also avoid small strips of lawn or tight corners around garden beds that will be difficult or impossible to access with a lawnmower.

With a little bit of planning and research, you'll be able to ensure that your new lawn is a great addition to your new garden. These tips will help to make sure it looks great, works well and is easy to look after.