Add Some Natural Fire to Your Outdoor Gatherings with Safe Patio Accessories

Posted on: 31 July 2018


Despite the widespread use of electricity for the purposes of heating and lighting, a real fire holds a unique sort of appeal. Sitting around a flickering flame makes people feel warmed and comforted in a way that no radiator or electric lamp can, and it brings an extra-special touch to your outdoor gatherings.

Of course, everyone knows how dangerous fire can be, so maximising safety should be your number-one concern. Having a fire on your patio helps prevent flames from spreading to dry grass or other flammable material, but you can't just build a bonfire on the patio surface. Luckily, there are plenty of accessories to help you enjoy a fire safely and in style.

Fire bowls

A fire bowl is the most simple way to enjoy a safe fire on your patio. As the name suggests, they're just bowl-shaped containers, usually with small legs, that give you a suitable place to build a fire. They're basically portable fire pits, raised off the ground slightly.

Fire bowls are most commonly made from fire-safe metals, and they're made in a range of styles to suit different tastes, from simple and minimalist to more ornate designs. They sometimes come with fitted covers to increase safety.


Also known as fire baskets, braziers are metal containers that let you build a deeper fire than you can with a fire bowl.

This means they create plenty of light and warmth, and many of them have a top that allows cooking simple dishes if you want to do a bit of grilling. The fire is safely contained inside the basket, so you can sit fairly close to it.


Chimineas are small, partially enclosed containers with a chimney at the top. They're traditionally made from terracotta or clay, but modern versions use cast iron or other metals.

They work best if your style is more traditional, particularly in Mediterranean or Mexican-themed gardens. The fire is less visible than with some other options, but they create a charming, attractive effect.

Outdoor gas fires

For more modern tastes, outdoor gas fires are available in many different contemporary designs, some simple and some taking unusual angular forms.

Because they're gas-powered, you don't need to worry about building a fire or finding fuel, and they're ready to use instantly. They can also be extinguished whenever you're finished, and they're designed to be safe to use.


Although not quite the same as having a roaring fire going, lanterns are a good way to bring some natural flames to your patio when none of the other options are suitable.

Using a few large lanterns together can give you a similar effect to having a small fire going, and they're easy to light and extinguish whenever you want.

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